State Bird Provisions 

State Bird Provisions is notoriously known as the hardest restaurant to get into in San Francisco. Luckily I snagged a reservation for the Friday night Nick’s sister Alex and her boyfriend Brent were visiting. 

Our table was right next to the kitchen – a dangerous place to be because you can see every dim sum dish leave on its tray. We were warned to order from the stationary menu before we were too carried away by the rotating trays. 

Each dish combined flavors in such a fantastic and unique way. I really appreciate a restaurant experience where I try things I would never pair together. The pork belly combined pork belly, mint, and plouots for a perfectly balanced bite. 

We ordered so many fantastic things. 

Some of my favorites were the pork belly, the state bird, oysters, steak tartare, and the burrata. 

We also ordered the halibut tartare, octopus, roasted avocado, croque madame pancakes, gulf shrimp and heart of palm salad. 

Dessert was unbelievable. The ice cream sandwich and the Black Forest cake with matcha are pictured below and again each surprised me with their combinations and how much I enjoyed them. The peanut butter milk shots are like drinking perfectly melted ice cream. I would and could have had four more at least had we not been at dinner with guests. 

Spruce Birthday Brunch

Yesterday was Nick’s Birthday! I spent Saturday making my first homemade birthday cake. The peanut butter cake with chocolate frosting was a challenge but was so rewarding.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed to Spruce. We sat down at a table in their library and there was a card waiting for Nick. We started with the cinnamon rolls which came out on a wood cut and was served with a fantastic frosting that balanced the cream cheese and sugar perfectly.

For our entrees, Nick got the Eggs Benedict with a side of bacon and I ordered the burger. The bacon was just as tasty as it looked! The “benny” was served on their housemade English muffin and came with mushrooms, ‘nduja, broccoli, and mixed greens.


The burger was just as good as the last time I visited. I snagged a piece of Nick’s bacon and added a Jidori egg. The fore mentioned combination with the muffin bun, gruyere, and medium rare patty was fantastic.

At the end of the meal, our waiter brought out a birthday treat for Nick. The entire staff was so attentive and really made Nick’s birthday celebration that much more special. I highly recommend Spruce’s brunch and celebrating special events at this Michelin star restaurant.